Sunday, 28 November 2010

Free Tiger Print Jungle Dress :]

It's really easy to get it :)
Go to this link:
You will be Re-directed to Xbox site.
Leave it and go to Stardoll as usual ☺

Teodora ♥

Free purple Ribbon :D

Stardoll has organised 16 days on Stardoll HELP STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN.
So you can get a small ribbon by clicking on this link:
You will be redirected to Facebook.
Then leave the site and go back to Stardoll.
It will be in your suite:
Teodora ♥

Thursday, 25 November 2010

HotBuys UGG boots are out ♥

I like them :D They are cute. Do you like them?
They are really cheap..Well usually HBs are 10$D or 12$D...They are 8$D...

Teodora ♥

They maybe look like this in RL? Do think so?

December HB :D

New HB :D The ones for December! They are not bad at all :) Accualy I like them :D 

Real life versions:

Real life versions are taken from USD :)
Thank you.

Teodora  ♥

New Sunny Bunny soooon :DD

Once there happened a same problem! I couldn't log in so I didn't write! Sorry because of that....Never mind! Let's get back to Stardoll :)
As really good known one of SDs only shop with all those things like caps, necklaces, fake eyelashes and those stuff.. New floor will come soon! What does Official Stardoll blog says?
They are going to create a Sunny Bunny clothes shop? Yeah.. I think they will....Look at the picture:
It will be called something like Sunny Bunny Klōz...They say it will contain Japanesque goodies for MeDoll and closet :o

Very soon coming to StarPlaza :D
Teodora ♥

Thursday, 18 November 2010

New Doll ;D Lui Wen :D

Liu Wen (simplified Chinese: 刘雯; traditional Chinese: 劉雯; pinyin: Liú Wén), (born January 27, 1988) is a Chinese fashion model. In 2010, she became one of the faces of Estée Lauder.
Wen started her modeling career in 2005, when she entered the New Silk Road World Model Contest, a contest previously won by international covergirl Du Juan, of hoping to win a computer, which was the main prize. Although she did not win, she began working after the contest. She became a national success when she landed the cover of Chinese FHM in the beginning her career. She then started working for Chinese fashion magazines like Vogue and Harper's Bazaar.

New writer coming to our blog :D

Hello guys! We will have a new writer :D Her name is SaraAngel-1998 :D 
She will write about everything just as I do :D 
You can contact her on Stardoll ;D
Have a nice day :DD

HB leggings out :DD

Pick of the Day
New HB leggings are in StarPlaza now :D 
It costs 10 SD and it is the pic of the day!!
This is how they look in real life :]
Have fun :DD
Teodora ♥

Holiday Pass??

Hm...I remember the Summer pass...But I don't know what is hapening now! When I click on it if brings me HERE and I don't see any gifts or anything!
I guess everybody got the message :D
Do you know anything about this?
Teodora ♥

OMG! New hairstyles & lips :DD

Wow :DI found this- new lips and hairstyles will be available soon but only for SS :D
They are really nice and I can't wait to see what Stardoll made for us!!
Yay :D
What do you think?
Teodora ♥

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Allready here!?

Wow....Stardoll is really fast these days :D New store is allready in StarPlaza! It's called An Other World and it has kinda cute stuff but there is not a big choice :D I like the pond :D
Do you like it??
Teodora ♥

MSW finalists & Wildcard winners :D

I was going to see the MSW contest and I saw they already chose the Misses and Wildcard winners :D I can't wait to see who will be the Grand Miss of Stardoll ♥ You can click HERE to vote-but first check out all of the contestants and then vote because you can vote only once
Well.....The Wildcard winners are:
Mikakika2 (Lebranon)
Kiara276(Puerto Rico)
Hip-4ever (Croatia)
-Isa.- (Argentina)
0866Linda (Ecuador)
Then... The 18 Misses are:
Miss Poland - Dorotka27
Miss Sweden - Polly9700
Miss Portugal - filipinhamaria
MissGreece - Bella5_5Edward
Miss USA - csara123
Miss Turkey - perilice2
Miss Saudi Arabia - Booom
Miss Brazil - decoddy
Miss France - Miss--kate--93
Miss UK - beamy
Miss Germany - Bluelagoon02
Miss Spain - IsabelBelluci
Miss Finland - DjMango
Miss Australia - Littlejessica
Miss Italy - dj6m
Miss Russia - AvrilkaTH13
Miss Netherlands - lautjuhxXxgek
Miss Ireland - rosinim12345
Yeah.... That's it :D I wish real good luck to the Misses and I must say that I don't have a favorite :D They are all nice in their own way :) Anyway don't waist so too much time choosing because voting closes on 9th December :D

New Scenario Background + new banner!!

It's cute :D It reminds me of the 18th century :D
Do you like it??
Teodora ♥

New Store coming soon :DD

Yeah...I heard a new shop is gonna be here :D I'm kinda happy and I really would like to see what will be in that shop :) 
Here are some spoilers :D
Do you like them??
What do you think? Do you like it?
Teodora ♥

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

More messages :D

These are also some of the messages that a member who joined after the big Make-over!!

You can easily see that it is newer!!

Pity they left when I needed one!!
Stardoll & The City ;D
Old LE :D

Many say they didn't get it..
And Opera Mistery :D
Too weird shop :(
80 million :D Yay ;D
Nothing new :/
I was NCG :DD Of Serbia ofc :D
That's it :DD
Teodora ♥

Some really really old Stardoll messages :D

My BFF Anja who owns blog called Only Stardoll News gave me a super idea :D
I went to an old profile which is non-SS and I saw a whole archive of messages.. Take a look at them and have fun :D

A small welcome to Stardoll :D
A small Spring surprise :D
New way of becoming a SS :D That's when SD removed One-Beep :D
Bye Bye Vivienne Tam :D
Dear ELLE we miss you :DD
Much more bigeeeeer prices :D Up to 500 $D :D
The big reading adventure- Mortal Kiss :D
Couture shop available in StarPlaza :D Prices almost like Limited Edition :D
MSW :D Misses and Wildcard winners already chosen! 9. December voting is off :D Vote for you fav ;D

Mortal Kiss :D But shop this time :D
Glow-Glow-Glow :DD New (old) shop :D

Aham....I used that offer :D

Well...A bit newer and non-SS message :DD Get that dress for free ;D

Hahah......That's some of the messages that old Stardoll members had (I mean before the Grand makeover) :D
Have a nice day :D
Teodora ♥