Monday, 27 December 2010

Newest pick of the day!!

Pick of the Day
Pick of the day!! 
 The Bisou Two Tone Heels are the pick of the day. They cost only 5SD and are for non-SS. 
They don't look so bad, don't they?

Hi again :D

This is the 10 time I'm going to find excuses for not writing :D
I just didn't have time but now I'm finished with my school and I'll have much more time to write.
Now.... I got a few messages for this time I didn't write.. New SS Hairstyles and Party planner!!
The party planner... I like it! Everyday a Stardoll member will have the crown of the Party planner. When you are invited to a party you will be able to vote for the  hosting skills. And you will the trophy of course and you also get lots of Stardollars and Starpoints! And the 10 new hairstyles? They are certanly better than the other ones. I like the short hairs more than the others :)
Well...That would be it :D

Monday, 20 December 2010

Wow! 125 post in 2010 :DD

Wow! This is nice :D This is the 125th post in 2010 :D I hope it'll be much more in 2011 :DD
Teodora ♥

Today's pick :DD

The pick of  the day is Voile Holiday Boutique Folded Neckline Dress.
Pick of the Day
I think it's quite nice, do you?

Party trophy??

Looks like a party chic could win this one :D
I found it today...I don't find it familiar...
Do you???

12 Days of Dresses :)

Wow :D It looks nice :D I can't wait till New Year!! Stardoll has made a surprise for us again! The 12 days of dresses. It will be till begining of 2011 :)
I guess you got this message too!!